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AncestryDNA Results Review WITH AncestryDNA Test Kit

AncestryDNA Results Review WITH AncestryDNA Test Kit

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Have you been forever curious about DNA testing? Where is your family from? All the questions!

Are you ready to know more? This package includes 1 AncestryDNA (Canadian) Kit AND a research package of up to 10 hours of researching and reviewing your AncestryDNA results.

You will receive (by email), a full report translating the findings. By snail mail, you will also receive a filled out paper DNA Worksheet, outlining your proven Direct Line of ancestors. If known, you will also receive a filled out 8-Generation Family Chart

You can extend research time with a Research Package. You can also purchase additional AncestryDNA kits for Siblings, Parents or Children... Look for Additional Direct-relative DNA Kits. For Spouses, you will need to purchase another "AncestryDNA Results Review WITH AncestryDNA Test Kit".

If you would like to discuss this adventure before purchasing, please go to and click on any "Chat" button to reserve a time to ask questions. It's never a bad idea and it's FREE.

Notes: If you already have an account at Ancestry, this will require the sharing of the Family Tree you created, with Family Ancestrees. We will contact you with a private email to share to.

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